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Big Bend Open Road Race 2018

Published on 5/7/2018

Overall the Texas Corvette Association team ranked SECOND among the teams that participated.  Ranking is based on the size of the variance from "perfect time."

Here are some of our results:

Lake and Lake Ellis Jr 1st Place Target Speed 120
Don Specht and Cynthia Clements 1st Place Target Speed 105
Dan and Debbie Leimbach 3rd Place Target Speed 130
Linda Specht and Katheryn Lopez 3rd Place Target Speed 100

Other members also competed in the following categories:
John Kerr Target Speed (Unlimited)  Ave Speed 153
Rani and Les Hobgood Target Speed 135
Tex Gross and Michael Frazier Target Speed 120
Linton and Jan Savage Target Speed 120
Andrew Golden and Robert Newman Target Speed 105

As Linda put it, "We had members in large highly competitive classes where the variances were measured in thousands of a second and John K ran in the unlimited class and clocked 152.056 mph.  It was an awesome day and a great 118 mile race!  And, we are home again safe and sound!"

I just have this one picture of a Gentleman Racer spotted at the race.  Some say he is a Hollywood star.  Others say he is a TCA legend.  No one really knows for sure.  It is rumored that he is actually Andrew Golden......the man with the need for speed!   ~~Lake Ellis

2018 Big Bend