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When a new Corvette driver takes his/her car out for a drive, they may be initially perplexed about why all the other Corvette drivers are waving at them.  This grand tradition is referred to within the Corvette family as "THE WAVE".  Ever since Corvette No. 01 first met Corvette No. 02 on the road, their drivers saluted each other with waves.

The Corvette Wave is now an integral part of the mystique and culture of the Corvette owner experience. Corvette owners who wave at fellow Corvette owners when they pass on the road, show a mark of recognition that you are among the elite group of intelligent people who are driving America's True Sports Car.

As a new Corvette owner, you should know the five simple Corvette Wave rules:

  1. There is no excuse for not waving at your fellow Corvette owner.

    Although most Corvette owners have the class and understanding to accept when their wave is not returned, not waving is a serious breach of proper Corvette etiquette.


  2. Whoever sees the other Corvette first, starts the wave.

    There isn't any rule about who waves first. This is simple; if you see another Corvette, wave!


  3. Rules 1 and 2 apply to both sexes.

    As far as who starts the wave, it doesn't make a difference if you are a man or women. Rules 1 and 2 apply.


  4. Any type of wave is okay.

    Whether you shoot a big wave up through your open Vette top, out the window, or a quick salute with your hand on the steering wheel, any wave that can be seen by the other Corvette driver is okay. However, this does not include any style of jester that can be interpreted as obscene or insulting.


  5. A late wave is better than no wave.

    If you suddenly realize that a Corvette driver is passing and waving at you, get a wave off as soon as possible. The other Corvette driver may see your wave in their rear view mirror and realize that you were just a little late in getting your wave going.


So you can see the underlying concept here is simple: Wave at your fellow Corvette owners, whoever they are, whenever you see them. This will show you are a person who understands the full measure and etiquette that comes with your proud ownership of a Corvette.




I. Thou shalt not loan a Corvette to anyone.

II. Thou shalt not bring a Corvette to an automatic car wash.

III. Thou shalt not fail to wave to a fellow Corvette owner.

IV. Thou shalt not swear at Corvette - for it is very tempermental.

V. Thou shalt not cruise a Corvette on an unpaved road.

VI. Thou shalt not pass a fellow Corvette owner in distress.

VII. Thou shalt not feed a Corvette with budget grade fuel.

VIII. Thou shalt not expose a Corvette to severe weather conditions.

IX. Thou shalt not forget to activate Corvette alarm.

X. Thou shalt not acknowledge a Porche or 280Z as being true sports cars.



1. Thou Shalt not fail to wave to a fellow Corvette owner.

2. Thou Shalt not pass a fellow Corvette owner in distress without offering aid.

3. Thou Shalt not feed thy Corvette budget grade fuel.

4. Thou Shalt treat thy Corvette with respect; great power, and great responsibility.

5. Thou Shalt keep thy Corvette clean and waxed at all times, yet thou shalt not
bring they Corvette to an automatic car wash.

6. Thou Shalt park thy Corvette in such a manner as to protect her tender fenders

7. Thou Shalt blow out carbon with a high speed run as required.

8. Thou Shalt not cruise on an unpaved road.

9. Thou Shalt not allow neither friend, or even thy spouse to drive thy Corvette without first proper reverence.

10. Each Corvette is an individual work of art; judge not least ye might be judged.