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All members are now assigned to their OALs as a Committee under the "MEMBER ONLY" tab.
If you do not see your name on one of the OAL teams, please notify the webmaster at and we will get you assigned to a team.


The final system renewal notice has been released.  Yes.. I know... we are just getting use to how all this new technology works and we have turned off some of the alerts!!  But now is the time.  June 1st begins our Membership renewal month.  THANK YOU to the 50 members that have already taken the lead and paid your membership dues.  In your profile (the drop down under your name), you will see the PAYMENT link.  Your options for payment are:

1.  Use the new system to PAY ON-LINE.  This is similar to our old site.  It is hooked to PAYPAL.  You pay with a CREDIT CARD.  You DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL account to use the on-line system.

2.  You can print an invoice and mail your check, or just mail your check to the membership chairman.  The address is on the membership page.

3.  You can bring your check or cash to the next General Membership meeting. 

* Note:  This website does not collect or store your financial or banking information and has NO METHOD of setting up AUTO PAYMENTS.


In the past, we maintained our membership data on an Excel spreadsheet.  When you changed cars, got a new number, or moved, you had to remember to let the person managing the TCA spreadsheet know about the changes.  Not any more.  WE'VE GIVEN YOU CONTROL OF YOUR DATA.  Under your name is the link to your PROFILE page.  Anytime you have a change in your information, just log on to the site and update your own records. 

We also have a MEMBER DIRECTORY.  This information is ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS and can not be viewed by the general public.  The information currently displayed in the directory includes your name, email, home phone and mobile phone.  But if you desire to change what info is displayed in the member directory, you decide.  Again on your profile page, click the Standard Member Directory link.  The area marked "visibility" in the General Info area has a drop down arrow where you can decide what level of personal information you would like displayed in the directory to other members.



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