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The Texas Corvette Association is a Lifetime Business Member of the National Corvette Museum and we share their mission to celebrate the Corvette’s invention, and preserve the legendary automobile’s past, present, and future.

Our club participates in the Ambassador Program which serves as our club liaison to the museum.  The role of our Ambassador is to receive and disseminate the most current and correct information from the Museum, and to convey that information to our local club. The Ambassador acts as a Museum representative to promote and solicit support for the Museum through promotional activities and encourage other Corvette enthusiasts to join the Museum. Additionally, the Ambassador is our voice to communicate concerns, ideas and suggestions to the museum.



  • TCA began supporting the NCM in 2003
  • Since 2003 your TCA has donated $$44,853.89 to the NCM
  • TCA is the 5th highest giving club in the USA
  • Largest donation was the purchase of one acre for the development of the NCM Motorsports
  • Other donations included, engraved TCA bricks located inside the museum, TCA parking
    lot banners, TCA benches and a TCA wall plaque





excepts from the NCM site

Terry McManmon had an idea. The burly 43 year-old with the free-flowing beard had been a member of the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) for four years and shared its passion for the preservation of all things Corvette. Attending his first NCRS convention in August of 1984 at Copper Mountain, Colorado, McManmon spoke up in the general membership meeting in favor of establishing a not-for-profit foundation to gather Corvette-related materials into a common library or archives.

On July 11, 1988, McManmon presented the “Final Report of the Library/Archives & Museum Committee” to the NCRS Board of Directors in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Acting upon the recommendation of the committee, the Board approved the formation of the NCRS Foundation and $2,000 start-up costs. Finally there was a commitment to create a Corvette museum. McManmon drew a sigh of relief. He had been working on the project for four years. He didn’t know then there would be another six to go.

Based in part on a startlingly optimistic economic impact study, the NCM Foundation secured a $6.6 million loan from local banks. On June 1, 1993, the Bowling Green/Warren County Tourist Commission agreed to act as partial guarantor for the initial bond payments; shortly thereafter, the city and county stepped in to guarantee the remaining bond payments. Finally, the NCM was afloat. Construction began soon after. The National Corvette Museum opened its doors on September 2, 1994, ten years and two weeks after Terry McManmon stood up at Copper Mountain, Colorado and proposed a Corvette library.

Read the Full History Here


Members of the TCA regularly take road trips to the museum to support activities at the museum, to visit the factory and enjoy the tours of the factory.  We also enjoy our time on the road course.  The slideshow provides a glimpse of or last adventure in 2015.

Corvette Museum

Vettes for Vets


November 2017 was Military Appreciation month at the Museum.  Some of the TCA Members took a road trip to celebrate the Veterans activities scheduled at the 9th Annual Vets 'n Vettes event.  

Activities included trips around the NCM Motorsport track.  Some of the Vets offered rides to other local veterans that came out to the track.  Lunch was served and both Les Hobgood and Bob Butler were awarded Vietnam service awards.

The museum also arranged for a professional photographer on the track and provided the images to the veterans at no charge.  Visits inside the museum were free.  Overall a great visit to Bowling Green.



NCM Sinkhole Images



On February 12, 2014, many people across the globe woke up to some startling news – a sinkhole had opened up inside the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and eight Corvettes were laying at the bottom of it. Fortunately, the cars and building were the only things damaged as it occurred in the early morning hours before anyone was in the Museum.

Sinkhole Security Camera Footage

The Recovery of the 1 Millionth Corvette

A Time-Lapse Video of the 1-Millionth Corvette Restoration

1962 Sinkhole Corvette - The Final Chapter