LOGO Feedback

Feedback from the Membership

The membership was asked to submit their comments regarding the topic of changing the TCA logo.  To ensure all members have a voice in the process and can share in the thoughts, comments and concerns of other members, this feedback page was established.  We will post the submitted comments WITHOUT submitter identification.

You may read these comments and if you have additional comments, you may submit your comments to the following email address:  president@texas-corvette-association.org.  This forum will be used for the next 3 weeks to gather your input prior to finalizing the voting processes.  Additional information on the actual voting process will be distributed by email from the president.

TCA Logo Change Options


After tonight’s meeting it makes me want to bring up a question I think needs to thought about.
Until at the meeting months ago when out of the blue the membership was advised of a decision by the board that without the memberships input desires or anything else the club logo was going to be changed and they didn’t need the memberships approval. that led to at the next meeting the members stood up and said something of this magnitude needed membership input and it was unanimous at the meeting that things needed to stop for awhile.
That led to a petition to change the bylaws allowing the membership to vote. Prior to this no one that I knew of ever even considered changing the clubs logo which has such a deep meaning to the heritage of the TCA to so many of our older members many of whom have been active for over 20 years and made the TCA what it is today.
Having only been in the club about 8 years I have never seen a topic have such a potential to divide one of the best corvette clubs in the country. which brings me to the core question that has never been asked of the members since this all started. Do the majority of the members even want to, or see the need to change the club logo that has served us well for over 37 years. It has never been asked!
This is the core question that I think needs to be asked before we start potentially tearing down the fabric that has made this club what it is, by needlessly forcing the membership to vote on something that has never been an issue in 37 years.
Just something to think about. Like you said tonight there is no rush but really is there even a consensus on the need for all this potential conflict and hurt feelings.
This Club is made up of the best and most diverse group of people I have ever known and something like this can needlessly tear it apart.

Fellow Members of the Texas Corvette Association:   There are  lots of opinions about changing the Club Logo and I would like to add my comments for not abandoning the symbol of our Club that was establish with the name of this organization a long long time ago.  I joined the Club in 1998 and went on my first Caravan in 1999. That trip was infused with the Spirit of TCA Corvette Lovers and it grabbed me and made me feel welcome.  We have had banners that have flown at the NCM and to my knowledge, they have all had our Logo on them.  It’s our symbol and it stands for our Club and the folks who belong to our Club. I have heard the “reasons” for changing the Symbol of our Club and that is their opinion.  My opinion is we should keep with a good tradition that has served us well.  The real question is, what purpose is really served by changing the Logo? The change has already been voted down in an open meeting and I think it will be voted down by the full Club wide vote.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. 

I do not have a copy of the petition to change the by – laws, but could that it be construed that the current procedure to pick one of the 6 is in conflict with the by-laws change?

 Hey John,  why can’t we have two? I vote for #1 and #2.

John, we like the current logo–if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Yes I wold love to see it changed.
I love #3. The reason is it shows and says so much more about us as a group of the community instead as a closed group.
The old one made us look like an old Muscle Car club. Nothing wrong with Muscle Cars. Some of us like the new improved Corvette that has advanced with the times and so must our Corvette Club.
They did do an amazing job on all the Logos. Good Work Guys and Much Appreciated.

No change for me. I find nothing wrong with the present logo.

My first choice is #2 ; second choice is #3.

I’m a new member and don’t see the need to change the logo. If you do change, I like #2

I vote to keep the present logo.  Why the push to change it?  I only see a downside to this move.

No change needed.  However, if we are planning to change my vote is for #6

I don’t feel the logo needs to be changed but since so many of the older members are in favor of this I will say the following:
1. I like
2. I like
3-6 I do not like
If we have to change then use number 2.
Their would be an added cost to members…buying new shirts or coats
So just in case I do not feel the logo needs to be changed, this is the logo that started the club and if the club does not control what is going with this logo the club will fall apart over some thing so not worth it.

Leave the logo as it is!

I guess I would like to see an updated logo, but none of the new options (logos 2 – 6) inspire me. I think the logo can and should be less “busy”. There is beauty in simplicity! I think the logo committee is getting close, but in all honesty, I can’t vote for any of the new choices. Sorry!

My wife and I like #3 best of the six logos.  I don’t care for the logos (#2 & #4) that have the odd crossed flags, because they don’t reflect any of the Corvette generations (the flags are flipped and also have incorrect representations on the left side) and therefore aren’t shared or significant to all of the club members.  The #3 & #6 logos reflect the generation of Corvettes that represent the year of the Club’s formation; however, we like the images reflected in the #3 logo better than #6, even though #3 is a more complex logo for reproduction.  (I wonder how Bruce Larson will be able to handle the logo on the Club’s name tags, trophies, etc.)  # 5 just doesn’t do anything for us.  #1 is pretty dated, although it may be appropriate for the C1-C2 car owners.
That’s our thoughts.
BTW, I want to thank you very much for allowing the membership to have a say in this decision.  The logo is a very important part of who we are as a club and should be decided by the members.  I appreciate your efforts to include the members in this decision process.

Number 1 for sure!  Texas and Corvette logos are perfect.

I’m a new member, just joining in July 2015.  Let me give you my feedback as an outsider to the club.
  1. Your current logo makes it look like the club favors a certain “generation” corvette.  I don’t believe any “generation” corvette should be displayed in the logo.
  2. I like option #3.  It seems the most modern and reflects our city of San Antonio
  3. Sometimes the club needs to change things to keep up with changing times.  To me, our current logo is dated.
  4. The only downside to changing the logo will be the cost of updating hats, shirts; etc with the new logo, however, the cost can be recaptured in sales of the new merchandise. 
  Okay, that’s my feedback John, I hope this helps coming from a very new member of the TCA.

I’m on the fence.  Is a change a nice to have or a must have?
The cost of a new logo is something to consider.  There are two designs I like.  One has more color than the others.
Logos with more color will cost more.  Would it be possible to see the cost of each new logo?

I’m pretty much “Switzerland” when it comes to the logo.  It’s just not something I feel strongly about.  To me, their are two important reasons to be part of TCA:
1)  To have fun with our cars and the nice people you meet in the club.
2)  To do some good for the children at St. Jude’s Ranch and the other charities we support.
 The logo is an insignificant piece to the club’s purpose.  People don’t decide to join our club or come to the car show because of our logo.  When we vote, I will vote to keep the existing logo because I like it, it’s part of our long history and primarily because I would rather give additional money to a worthwhile charity than spend anything to change the logo.  If we adopt a new logo, I think options #2, 3 or 6 would be fine.
My biggest concern is that every time the logo is discussed in club meetings there are very strong emotions on both sides.  I think that stems from a belief by some that a new logo was being forced without the membership being involved in the decision.  I’m afraid now that no matter the process or ultimate decision there will be some very unhappy members.  I hope we can have a vote soon to put this issue to bed and move our focus to the real purpose of the club.

I like #3.

We both like Option #2. We haven’t been with the club long enough to have formed ant attachment to the current logo.

Do you want to change logos?    YES, it is overdue.
– Which options do you like, or dislike?     Dislike #1 old logo (not professional looking, outdated) #5 sophisticated look (my preference); #2 might look better if the circle were an oval like #3
– What benefits would the club achieve if we change logos?     With #5 the letterhead and the embroidery on the shirts will look more professional and modern.
– Do you see a downside to a change?     No, the current logo does not have much history due to the fact it was changed in 2009/2010.   The change to a new logo is not that involved and the garments with the old logo can be called “Classic” until they wear out.  This will be a rolling change for the club as it continues to grow.

I vote for keeping the current logo. I think most folks would agree that the current logo reflects the time our club has been around. Anyway, that is my opinion, and I like the current logo.

I like #3 with the skyline of our city.

[We] are neutral when it comes to changing the logo. It doesn’t really matter to us. We joined the club to meet folks and have fun with the vette!
However, if the majority of the vote is to change the logo than the options we like the best are 2 and 4
We don’t really see any big benefit in changing the logo
We can see some disgruntlement amongst some of the members if we change the logo. Also a lot of folks will want to change shirts, etc and that will at an additional cost to them.

John this is the crux of what I sent to you last week. so add it to the official feed back please
Having only been in the club about 8 years I have never seen a topic have such a potential to divide one of the best corvette clubs in the country. which brings me to the core question that has never been asked of the members since this all started.
1. Do the majority of the members even want to, or see the need to change the club logo that has served us well for over 37 years. It has never been asked! and needs to be asked and voted on at one of our membership meeting. I know Gloria and I don’t see the need. The board has put the cart before the horse
2. what is the true and total cost of such a change?
3. Will we then remove from the corvette museum our banner that they display. after all it won’t be us anymore
4. why no corvette in the other potential logos. it’s iconic regardless of the year displayed. we are a corvette club
5. Down side! as seen at our meetings it is a toxic topic to some of our older and most loyal members, for no reason.
This (1) is the core question that I think needs to be asked before we start potentially tearing down the fabric that has made this club what it is, by needlessly forcing the membership to vote on something that has never been an issue in 37 years nor validated by the membership as a desire to change it.

thanks for the opportunity to comment. As a relatively new member, I must say that the current logo has a style and unique look that I personally like. I am not sure why the change is being considered, but I think we already have a winner.

It does not make much difference to me but I like #2 the best or stay with the current logo…

I’ve considered the pros and cons of a logo change and conclude with “no change”.

Some thoughts on your feedback request:
1.  I have no desire to change our logo, nor do I have a great deal of angst with changing it.  Our current logo works well with patches and decal renderings.  The Corvette is an early model that suggests a timeless car design.   So no change would be fine with me.
2.  My ranking from most appealing to least appealing is 1,2,3,6,4,5.  Seems like 4 and 5 would work as a letterhead but not as a logo.  I am not a fan of square patches so 6 is less desirable.
3.  I do not see any benefits of changing the logo.  Really good logos transcend fads.  GE, Ford, Chevy bowtie, etc.  So the fact that our current logo has longevity with it seems to give it stature rather than datedness.
4.  Except for the expense of updating our web sites, decals, and literature I do not see any real downsides.

 John – My thoughts on the logo issue are predicated on an issue perhaps different than most others will consider.
I applaud whoever originally raised the issue and appreciate all the work that has has gone into the development of the new logo alternatives. At the same time I’m perfectly content with the current TCA logo decal (even if mine has paled over the years to be a faint shadow of its former self) that shares my front window with other decals from NCM Member, Route 66, “My C4 Corvette was worked on by Gordon Killebrew and “High Mileage Corvette Club”. But my “I’m perfectly content with the current TCA logo” reaction gives rise to a suggestion.
It seems to me that if there’s one priority need of our club it’s to encourage new, younger members who will sustain and grow the club. I say that realizing I have a double handicap as at 73, new, modern logos aren’t high on my priority list and, living in Austin, I don’t get to do as much with the club as I’d like to. There’s nothing I can do about the latter but as to the former, I’d suggest some weighting in the decision process where the preferences of younger folks get out-of-scale consideration. Certainly a new logo by itself may not encourage new, younger members but it can be part of a package developed to do so.
Other specific comments: First, all six of the logo options include “San Antonio” and some variation of “1979”. Consistent with what I said above I can be convinced to retain “San Antonio” (although doing so may discourage those who live outside San Antonio or are attracted by TCA’s programs, the latter being the reason for my choice of TCA). Second, as positive as it may be that TCA is still strong after 37 years, new, younger members may (my daughters say it’s true) take that as a secret sign that TCA is “their parents’ or grandparents’ club”, a clear disincentive we don’t need.
Second, I find the full name “Texas Corvette Association” harder to immediately recognize in offering #3 because of the use of two colors and #5 because of the line beneath “Texas” separating it from “Corvette Association” on the next line.
Third, i find the series Corvette depicted on #1 noble but again harking back to an era with which new, younger members (in fact most TCA members) wouldn’t naturally identify.
Fourth, I find all but #4 and #6 too “busy” and would favor #4 as the cleanest of all.
Thanks for listening and again, thanks to all who did the wrenching.

I like option 5, it is simple and provides all the information relevant to the club. Option 3 is a close second choice. Thank you for your great work.

They all look like some time went into the 6 presented. I would like to know if and when the final selection is approved will the new logo be produced for the vettes, and for clothing? Something to consider per what the logo will look like on either application. And print should always be in Black

I think your effort to sound out members is laudatory, for consensus purposes, but I’m not sure why the below is not superseded by what has already been done by the Logo Committee and presented to the Board for vote. Seems to me the only risky process that remains is the “single vote” on the logo, and a following runoff, which might produce a minority choice. It looks to me that we are still sticking to this latter process, in spite of all discussion to the contrary….

– Do you want to change logos?  I like the current one fine especially with the SA skyline, the Alamo, and the Spur with several Corvette pictures.  It’s well done.
– Which options do you like, or dislike?  I like # 1,2, & 6 but would like to put #5’s star for the letter A in TEXAS in the design if we make a change.
– What benefits would the club achieve if we change logos?  The person that worked hard to come up with the new idea will feel appreciated.
– Do you see a downside to a change?  The 5 people whose design was not picked may get their feelings hurt.

John, I like #3 the best.

First of all I  would like to thank the committee for  their time spent on the options. I am not in favor for a change in Logo. I cannot come up with one positive benefit that a  change would make for our club. I do however like the original logo (1)  which features the C1 and the beginning of  Corvette History. 
The downside of changing the logo would be all the costs associated  in new typeset for clothing, new name badges, new  car stickers, etc. Additional downside is some members won’t want to purchase new, and as  Pat Martin said at the last meeting,  “there will be a lot of us still wearing  originals for a long time” and change would  mean two logos one club!

I vote for a change. I vote for logo #2. It is round and will work well in a car window like our old logo. I do not prefer the square look. I see little benefit except it will give us an updated look. I see no downside to a change.

I would like to keep the one we have ❤️❤️ # one

I like #1 the best still. Easy to read, emphasizes a car, nice colors. The others are a bit harder to read, less emphasis on the cars, too much glitz. I don’t see much advantage to changing the logo. Thanks for the opportunity to provide an opinion

Met with an artist friend and his first choice was 1, with 2 as a back up
Now used to own a printing company with 10 graphic artist so I’ve seen a few logos. From day one I thought the current logo was good but lacked clarity. The C1 is not sharp and the most important Texas C……is hard to see. 2. Is the best up date but adding TCA takes away from the clarity as does the crossed flags over the 3 color Texas flag. It might work if the flag was enlarged so the tips touch the inner circle and the flags were reduced to fit within the state of Texas. Also any flags on the logo dates it. Maybe lose the flags and put a C7 as the center piece, but then again it dates the logo So do we do the C7 bit as our focal and when the C8 come out change it again. And finally have a C1 nose to nose with C7 and then in 5/10 years change it to a C8. Keep the red white and blue colors
Good luck and thanks for the opportunity to muse over this. I will forward to my daughter in law who is a fabulous design marketing person

[We] don’t see the upside of changing logos. A good point that was raised at our March meeting is that it will cost money. Why are we considering that anyway?
From a personal perspective, the downside we see to changing logos is that all our previously purchased items that have the current logo on them, like the 11 T-shirts I now have where the current logo has been sowed on & all our baseball caps, would be outdated.
If changing logos is a forgone conclusion, then we would vote for #4 — as it’s the most striking one.

[We] both like the logo #2, it would probably cover a wider range of Corvettes.   We are good with a change in the logo, our current logo is a little more plain & dated with the 58 Corvette.

John, I sent you a copy of my position or opinion as it might be, but let me reiterate .. in my opinion, there is no valid reason or benefit to changing the Logo.  There has not been a large rally from the membership to change the Logo. In fact the idea was voted down in a Membership Meeting last year.  It will cost the membership money to change the Logo.  If at all possible the cost should be calculated and advertized. The final test that the proposed change fails is the Politically Correct Syndrome Arena. The current Logo is not Politically Incorrect!  And that is MY opinion.  Thank you for taking all this flack.

Logo # 2 does it for me. Reasons why:
In shape, it’s most similar to the old logo
Removes specific Corvette from logo
Adds “TCA”
 # 2 Retains spirit of old logo, but brings it into the present.
 Thanks for the effort of all involved to come up with some great options.

CA Logo change options:
1. To change or Not to change: I think a change would be nice if the Logo that I like was selected as the leading   candidate, but being prejudiced to my own selection, if it didn’t make the top choice, I would just as soon stick with the present club Logo.
2. My choice for a change would be number 4. I like this Logo because it is simple, uncomplicated and easy to read.  I would make the Flags just a bit smaller or the lettering a bit larger, as the flags seem to be the dominate feature and somewhat over power the lettering above and below it. Otherwise I prefer this Logo to the others.
3. Benefits: I believe if the # 4 logo is selected, it will have the benefit of being easily recognizable as the  “Texas Corvette Association” lettering really stands out and isn’t buried in the clutter of a more busy design.
4. Downside: The only downside I see from a change is, it would make all present hats, T-shirts and jackets obsolete.   I don’t know how many TCA patches and stickers are presently in our inventory, but they would all have to be replaced.

As I’m sure you are aware, I don’t think the process to change the club logo has been done right
from the very beginning.  With that said here are my thoughts about the choices…
First, I don’t think the logo designs are being presented properly to the members.  Number 6 is shown with the black
background that it was created on.  People unfamiliar with the process think the black is part of the design itself, and
it’s not.  The design group should know that and present a correct representation to the club members.  Number 4 has
a correct design available and I hope it would be included when the final choices go to the members – and I don’t
see a valid reason why it shouldn’t be handled that way.  It was said early on that rough designs can be submitted and could be modified or perfected during the process.
Second, I see a fundamental misunderstanding of what a logo is.  It is a simple design to catch your eye and
identify a subject.  It’s not meant to and shouldn’t have to tell you the whole history.  FedEx, Ford &
HEB logos say just that.  The GM bowtie doesn’t even spell anything but anyone who can breath knows
what it represents.  Inception dates, explanations of abbreviations, and locations are all information that is best represented on the home page heading. . . or scrolling banner, business card – or as a last resort, in conversation.  We are not catering to or trying to reach the whole world with this logo.  We are a car club and will be among car people 99% of the time.  In fact, we’ll most likely be among Corvette people, but even a kid with a Mustang knows what those crossed flags stand for. In our case, explaining what TCA means doesn’t have to go on our logo.  That’s something for the other avenues I mentioned above.  In my opinion, if you’re around the Texas Corvette Association, talking to a member or attending an event, and can’t figure out what TCA stands for, maybe you shouldn’t own a fast car.  It’s easy enough to explain and we certainly don’t need it complicating the logo.
Third,  designs bounded by a square or circle limit their use somewhat when scaling up or down.  For instance,
enlarging  a bounded design for the back of a jacket would be very large and take up a lot of space.  An open or
unbound design can easily be deconstructed with key elements being enlarged and text being sized more suitably. 
Our current logo has the problem I’m referring to, in that it’s bounded.  The embroidered image on clothing does not provide a true representation of the logo.  A simpler or open design would not result in these complications.  I’d hate to see another committee go through a design modification for print or embroidered versions.  The greater number of colors and complexity of design just complicate the issue more.  Embroidery costs increase by numbers of colors and more importantly numbers of stitches.  So there you go…. Just some thoughts.

First I would like to thank you for giving club members input. I have a few questions that I am sure have all ready been asked but I can’t remember the answers:
1. Why do we need to get a new logo?
2. What will be the cost to change over to the new logo?
3. How does this affect the banners and other items , if any, already in place at NCM?
4. What is the history/significance of the present logo?
5. How often will logo change?
My personal opinion is all the proposed logos are OK but I really do not see a need to change logos. 

 I really like the one we have now and have had for quite awhile. I think that it says everything about us – the car itself, the organization name and the founding date.
Sometimes the best change is no change.

 I vote for Logo #1 (current TCA Logo) and for Logo #2 as my two top picks.
 – Do you want to change logos?  I prefer to retain the current (old) Logo!
 – Which options do you like, or dislike? I don’t like Options that don’t feature a corvette car as part of the logo – so Options 3,4,5 or 6 are disliked by me.
 – What benefits would the club achieve if we change logos? Few benefits as most of us are satisfied with present logo.
 – Do you see a downside to a change?  In my opinion, cost will be a significant factor to be considered.  Nametags and banners alone will cost plus many of us will be encouraged to get new TCA livery – that’s a negative factor for me.
You get the picture…. I strongly prefers to retain the current TCA logo.  Thank you for letting me “vote” and express my opinions.

[We] like logo #2. Our thoughts are that the old logo did need updating by removing the image of the C1. However we like the shape and size of logo 2. To us, having a similar shape and size mitigates the costs as we transition from old to new. We believe the other options are too much of a change and might make one wonder if there was a completely new club emerging.

 Our vote is for logo number 1.  We would like to keep the original logo the same! 

I am  new member and am in favor of updating the Club logo. I like options 3 & 6, 6 being the favorite.

 I would prefer to keep the current logo.  I don’t see any reason to change. After all these years, what would be the point?
To me, having a logo that depicts the first generation Corvette, makes sense.  That is where our love for the cars all started.
There is also the practical side in which we all have hats, shirts, jackets, decals on our cars, etc.
If we brought in a new logo on all those things, what a mish mash we would have people wearing.

Do you want to change logos?  Yes. 
Which options do you like, or dislike? Really like the # 3. That’s our vote. 
What benefits would the club achieve if we change logos?
Along with Facebook and a new Patch, I think we would achive more attention and recognition in our area. This new patch displays a lot of color, updated Corvette flag, the star over San Antonio showing our location, and the city backdrop showing our city.  This LOGO displays everything about our club. 
Do you see a downside to a change?
The only downside will be the hardnose members who don’t want change. There is no downside to this update

Howdy, John. As a relatively new member to the club I really have little history on which to base my opinions. I did sense at the last meeting that there were some feelings expressed that indicated a sympathetic history to the current logo. I have no knowledge of all that history. Maybe if there is a strong history it should be presented at a meeting. If it is simply a resistance to change then the vote should take care of that.
Given that I am a new member with no strong attachment to the current logo , I will simply express my opinion based on the visuals as I see them. I think our current logo is very old fashioned and outdated ( and I am an “old” guy who usually likes the old ways ). The concept of a round logo is outdated by newer graphics in almost all artful presentations. The old corvette on the logo also does nothing really for me. I dislike this logo enough that I do not display it on my car………. That speaks enough to that issue for me.
As to the new presentations my vote goes for #4 first and #5 second.  I believe these are both more visually preferable and also more modern from a marketing scenario. Both are simple, but striking visually, while at the same time are more modern and timely with today’s graphics.
As to the negatives………….. yes there will be a cost to change. Anywhere a new logo is needed there will have to be new ones printed. I really have no concept of that requirement in numbers, As to current logos on shirts etc, I do not foresee that as any kind of problem. Usually when something like this happens those who have the old logos still like to wear and display them as a show of seniority and continuity. I have no issue at all with that. For those that do insist on wearing a shirt with the new logo, then they have free choice of either that they can afford, but shirts do wear out you know. That is not a cost that anyone has to make quickly and only as they replace shirts if they want. Gee…. It really does not seem to be that big of a deal. The cost to change logos per member seems to be to me it would be less that one month’s gratuity that the restaurant adds to our bill for ????? what.
We drive one of the most modern and advanced performance vehicles made………. I think it is time our logo be as modern.

Per your request, here are my thoughts on the proposed logo change. 
– Do you want to change logos?     
Yes.  I think the old logo is now tired looking.  Although I know many folks like the idea of being able to put their own car in the design.  And changing logos can be confusing. 
 – Which options do you like, or dislike?  
My favorites, in order are:  5, 3 & 4.  But I do have comments regarding each.  5-could use a frame of sorts. But I think it’s classy & easy to read.  3-I LOVE the San Antonio skyline, but I’m not wild about the “Corvette Association” font and color.  It’s too light in color, and I think the font should be more standard rather than Corvette year specific.  4-I LOVE the Texas flag in the flags, but it’s kind of blah otherwise.  6 is too black.  2 is too much like the old one & the NCRS one. 
 – What benefits would the club achieve if we change logos? 
I don’t think there are tangible benefits besides a fresher look.
 – Do you see a downside to a change? 
As mentioned previously, changing logos can be confusing.  If it’s a drastic change, which it kind of looks like it will be, the old logo on items such as hats & shirts makes them outdated for the individual wearing them.  Some folks will feel compelled to buy new items, some happily, some not so much.  Items in which more money has been invested (jackets & such) will likely continue to be worn.  This might could be perceived by some like a “slight” to the club, and adding to the confusion. 


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