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We have a long and proud history with many dedicated members. Over the years they have worked very hard to make the TCA the great organization it is today. As outlined in the TCA bylaws, “The purpose of the TCA shall be the promotion of Corvette enthusiasm, planned road trips, social gatherings, support of local charities and the promotion of driving safety on the public highways.

The TCA was co-founded by Air Force members Craig L. Main and William H. Clower in 1979. They discussed the formation of an organization in San Antonio which would cater to the needs of Corvette owners. Together they designed the flyers which they distributed to friends. They thought that when they were stationed elsewhere that the group might fade…but they were determined to offer services to the Corvette owners of our city. They did well, and the original bylaws bear a striking resemblance to the ones we are using today.

There were eight members at the first meeting in Landa Park in New Braunfels. Also, in 1979, the TCA had a run to Wimberley and the Pioneer District near San Marcos which attracted 47 cars and had a convoy three miles long. People followed them on the road, crossed the median to join them, drove ahead to get a vantage point on the next bridge, and caused a traffic jam at San Marcos.

The club, over the years, has had many outstanding events that have encouraged Corvette enthusiasm and fun among our members. Here are our presidents:

Past Presidents
1979 & 1980 Craig Main
1981 Carol Bates
1982 Jim Farrrar & Diana Farrar & Kathy Karlstadt
1983 George Cooper
1984 Victor Sundquist
1985 Pam Warinner
1986 & 1987 Don Lothringer
1988 & 1989 David Kayloe
1990 Gil Dvoracek
1991 Robert Spinks
1992 Buck Buchanan
1993 Malcolm Orr
1994 David Lara
1995 Elise Dixon
1996 Brad Mudgett
1997 & 1998 John Steinbauer
1999 Gene Skillrud
2000 Bernie Jensen
2001 Dennis Stepanik
2002 & 2003 Dan Martin
2004 Ken Reeves
2005 Gary Hendley
2006 George Haile
2007 & 2008 Bob Howell
2009 & 2010 Dave Schutz
2010 Jerry Hendley
2011 Mark Griffin
2012 & 2013 Tom Marazzi
2014 & 2015 Glen Leonard
2016 John Lickvar
2017 John Lickvar

We’ve been fortunate to have had great sponsors from local Chevrolet dealerships:  1986-87 Mission; 1991 Smith and Tom Benson; 1992 Smith; 1993-97 Tom Benson; 1998-2000 Ancira-Winton, 2001 Don Maxwell; 2002 – 2006 Gunn Chevrolet; 2007 – present Cavander Chevrolet.

We’ve met at a variety of locations since 1979:  410 Diner; Malibu Grand Prix; Apron’s Restaurant; Good Time Charlie’s, Northern Hills Country Club,  Selma City Hall Grill, El Tehano’s, Clear Springs Restaurant, and currently Biff Buzby’s Burgers.

The future is bright for the TCA…now with over 300+ members, we have the potential to have more participation than our “first” event back in 1979 that attracted 47 cars and almost brought San Marcos to a standstill.

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