Rick’s Corner – November

National Corvette Museum Corner

by Rick Creekmore, NCM Ambassador

NCM Facts: Did you know that you can purchase Dealer Brochures; Corvette Black Book—thousands of facts on corvettes from 1953; and commemorative build sheets, window stickers on slate, tempered glass or aluminum! Go to: corvettemuseum.org click SHOP then Build Sheets, Window Stickers.

Build Sheets & Window Stickers

o Build Sheets—the holy grail that contains exactly what options came with your car

* Only available for Bowling Green Plant which opened in 1981
* Shows, how many corvettes produced exactly like yours, date entered production, colors, options, VIN number, production number, etc.
* Size 8 ½ X 11 up to 11X17
* Cost: $35 members/$45 non-members plus $5 for lamination

o Window Stickers (Monroney Label)

* Reproduction Stickers only 1981 and newer
* Shows suggested retail price and all options installed
* If you buy a window sticker you must also buy the build sheet
* Cost: Window sticker/build sheet combo/$75 member and $90 non-members; additional copy window sticker $10 members and $12 non-members; plus $5 for lamination
* To obtain a window sticker for older corvettes try: http://www.window-sticker.com/ (cost is approximately $35-$45)
* For more information email corvettemuseum.org click Store

Remember to send an email to Rick, rccreekmore@sbcglobal.net when you become an NCM member, purchase NCM insurance, or participate in NCM activities

o 2018 Torch Red Coupe, limited to 1,500 tickets, $100, Dec 14 drawing
o 2018 Long Beach Red Coupe (Z06), limited to 1,000 tickets, $250, Nov 30 drawing
o 2018 Arctic White Coupe, unlimited tickets, $10, Feb 8, 2018 drawing

NOTE: Purchase tickets at: www.corvettemuseum.org/raffle

Next meeting: Corvette Assembly Plant Tour

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