The TCA has officially kicked off the season for the RAFFLE CAR events.  This weekend we had teams at the Boerne Market Days on Saturday and Sunday.    The Saturday team raised $2,380, and another $1,192 on Sunday for a Boerne Market Days total of  $3,572     

Republican Car Show on Sunday PM, without even having the car present, raised $816, for a total this weekend of $4,388.  A great start towards our goals in April 2018.

Jerry Hendley’s team together with lots of TCA members on Sunday did a great job in Boerne this weekend!  My thanks to Rick & Cheri Creekmore as well for the great results on Sunday afternoon. 

Our next Raffle Car opportunity will be at the Buda Gearheads Car Show on Saturday, October 21st.  Dan Martin’s team has taken the lead for that event!

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  1. What an awesome start for the raffle car. Great work. Thanks! John

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