Navigating the Website

The Texas Corvette Association website has seen several revisions over the past couple of years, each change is an attempt to add more content but also make the navigation on the site easier for our members.  The current design uses newer technology which allows for the “most important content” to be organized on the launch page, or the first page you see when you enter the address in your browser.

Navigation to the various pages can be accomplished in one of two ways.  You can continue to use the traditional MENU BAR across the top of the site.  This BLUE menu bar will contain the primary topic pages.  You transfer to these pages by CLICKING on the TOPIC word, such as POST, CALENDAR, OUR NEWS or OUR BUSINESS , etc. 

Some of the MAIN TOPICS also contain SUBMENUS or links to other pages of similar content.  If you HOVER YOUR MOUSE over the MAIN TOPIC you will see a SUBMENU. You can CLICK on any of the SUBMENU TOPICS to transfer to those pages.  Some SUBMENUS have a small “>” which means they have yet another layer of choices.  

This is displayed in the below image from the Our Business Main Topic, to Classifieds Submenu, to Add Classified Option.  CLICK when you get to the word “ADD” to add an item to the classifieds.

But for the common topics such as our Blog, News Updates, Our Flickr Gallery, Paying your Dues, Reading the By Laws, etc. you can now use one of 2 “PICTURE MENUS” on the launch page.  These menus each contain 6 topics.  Just hover your mouse over the image and you will get a brief description of the topic.  CLICK the image or topic to transfer to the page.   (see the red arrow on the membership image below)

Hope this helps explain the new site navigation.  Enjoy browsing and keeping up with what is going on with your TCA club!


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