Rick’s Corner July 2017

National Corvette Museum Corner

by Rick Creekmore, NCM Ambassador

NCM Facts  

Did you know the National Corvette Museum (NCM) 20th Anniversary held in 2014 had over 7,000 corvettes caravan to Bowling Green, KY.    The NCM conducts the caravan every 5 years.

Next meeting  

Initial plans for the 2019 caravan


2017 Black corvette convertible, limited to 1,500 tickets, $100, Aug 3 drawing
2017 Torch Red convertible, unlimited tickets, $10, Sep 2 drawing

NOTE: please send Rick an email with the date you purchased your online ticket: www.corvettemuseum.org/raffle

25th National Corvette Museum Anniversary

  • Mark your calendars for August 27- September 1, 2019
  • Here’s how corvettes around the country caravan to the NCM

* 29 separate Regional caravans are formed, some including multiple states and some include parts of Canada
* Each Regional caravan is headed by a Regional Captain selected and installed by NCM National Chairman— Lake Ellis from our TCA did a fantastic job as South Texas Captain in 2014!!!

  • 2019 Southern Texas Regional Captain is Rick Creekmore, your TCA Ambassador to the NCM (San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, Victoria, McAllen)
  • Why should you attend this milestone event in National Corvette Museum’s history?

* Drive your corvette from San Antonio to Little Rock AR then on to the Bowling Green KY with 100 + of your corvette friends
* Social events, road trips, dinners, fun all along the way
* The National Corvette Caravan festivities includes three days of tours, live music, guided visits to the corvette assembly plant, take your corvette for touring or hot laps around the Motorsports Part

  • Here’s your chance to join other Corvette enthusiasts from around the country with your fellow TCA members—52 corvettes, mostly from our TCA, went on the 20th NCM Anniversary
  • Go to the NCM Caravan Web Page: http://www.corvettecaravan.com/

Remember to send an email to Rick, rccreekmore@sbcglobal.net when you become an NCM member, purchase NCM insurance, or participate in NCM activities

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