Opies BBQ and Spicewood Winery

Saturday turned out to be a great day for a drive through the Texas hill country!  The group met at Cavender’s at around 9:00 am for the driver’s briefing and to line up ready for our  1.5 hour drive to Opie’s Barbecue in Spicewood, Texas.  The first part of the trip was led by Bob Butler and we left Cavender’s with 28 cars.

Ever wonder what it looks like to see 27 Corvettes in a row behind you on the highway!!

We had a quick stop along 290 at a rest stop.  I’m sure the other visitors enjoyed the sight of 28 Corvettes all in a row around the parking lot.  

We arrived at Opie’s just as they opened at 11:00.  As you enter the restaurant,  all the meats they serve are in a large warming bin on your right.  The pit master asked you what type of meat and how much. (it’s sold by the pound).  A staff member get your meat and cuts it for you on the tray while you go through the line and pick your sides, get your drink and desert.  Your meat order joins you at the register.  Yummy!  Everything was delicious, including all the butterbeans you can eat!

After everyone was filled to the gills, many of the group continued our adventure to the Spicewood Vineyard just a mile or so away.  Lou Pisano led this leg of the trip.  There was a wine tasting that several participated in, while others just enjoyed the rocking chairs in the lounge area or walked around the grounds.

Overall another successful DRIVE AND DINE for the TCA!!  


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